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Tools for Text Analysis in the HRC

The Apple computers in the HRC lab are now equipped with several tools for the analysis of text.   Juxta is an open source tool for the comparison of multiple witnesses to a single text. The software can seek out and highlight differences among texts and generate visualizations based on the results.   More information can be found at the Juxta website.   CasualConc is a concordancer designed for ‘casual use’.   The software allows you to search a corpus, generate keyword-in-context lists with collocation information, and create word clusters and counts. The software is very easy to use and supports multiple languages. TAMSAnalyzer is a text markup tool intended to help in the coding of video and text documents.   A corpus of text can be imported into the software and codes can be assigned to passages within those texts.   The resulting codes can then be exported in various ways for analysis.

HRC particpates in Berkeley foreign language cideo clip library project

The HRC is particpating with UC Berkeley to give foreign language instructors access to a large and growing collection of foreign language video clips with associated lesson materials.

HRC Classroom equipped with EasyLab language lab software

The HRC classroom has been equipped with the EasyLab network language lab system. The EasyLab DLL software, a digital recorder/player, offers features specifically suited to language instruction. The software supports both audio and video and allows students to listen and record audio simultaneously. Recordings can be visually compared to the originals, giving students feedback on proper pronunciation. The playback speed of recordings can also be adjusted to aid comprehension.

Contact a staff member at the HRC for more information.

Tools for Collaborative Film Study at the HRC

The Humanities Resource Center (HRC) has developed tools for faculty to use in their courses for collaborative film study. The two tools we have produced and have been used for courses are our screenshot tool and our clip commenting tool. If you are interested in using these tools for your courses or interested in developing new tools for collaborative film study, please feel free to contact the HRC at

Capturing your Lectures

The HRC provides knowledge and technology to help instructors capture and record their lectures. We currently have a room with a Mac desktop computer with Camtasia software installed and microphone set up (to record quality audio). Staff is available to guide instructors in using Camtasia and in best practices when recording lectures (especially if they will be viewed on the web). Please feel free to contact the HRC at to get started.