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Video-on-demand and Video Reserves

Video materials placed on reserve for Princeton courses are generally made available to students of the course via Video-On-Demand as well as physical reserve in the Humanities Resource Center.

Assigned audio and video materials can be accessed through your Blackboard course page and are made available only to the participants of the course and for the duration of the course. Streaming video is also restricted to computers on the campus network and is not available via VPN. Videos may stream properly over wireless but good performance cannot be guaranteed. For best performance, please connect to the campus network with an Ethernet cable or use a campus cluster computer.To request material be digitized contact Barbara McLaughlin, 609-258-0739.

Creating Video Clips

We can assist you in creating video clips to show in class or add to a presentation.  You might want to create several small, more manageable video clips from a DVD or VHS tape to make it easier to work with your project. 

The HRC has video editing software installed that will allow you to capture film clips, combine several clips into a single clip and trim the beginning or end of a clip.

Technology for language teaching and learning

The Humanities Resource Center strives to stay abreast of new developments in the use of new technologies and media for language teaching and learning. Faculty interested in using new media in their teaching can contact the HRC by sending an e-mail to, or visit the HRC website.

Foreign language audio, video and cable TV

The Humanities Resource Center (HRC) supports the use of audio, video, and other multimedia materials for specific assignments and for self-directed study. Materials can be placed on reserve in the HRC or can be integrated into a Blackboard course website. The Center also subscribes to nine foreign language satellite television channels.

The Humanities Resource Center can assist in the creation, conversion, and encoding of digital documents including assistance with PDF documents, TEI or other XML encodings.

Video/Film collection

The Humanities Resource Center (HRC) manages and circulates the bulk of the University's collection of video materials. The Center provides equipment and spaces for the viewing of all common video formats.

Up-to-date listings of the materials in the collection can be found in the Princeton University Library's Main Catalog. Reserve requests for University courses should be made through the library's Online Reserve Request System (ORRS).

Language learning software

The Humanities Resource Center provides for the distribution of language audio and video materials for coursework at Princeton, either via the Blackboard course management system or the computer lab in 011 East Pyne. The Center also houses a collection of language learning software available for use within the HRC.