When Oil Peaked

By Professor Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Published by Hill and Wang, September 2010

"Kenneth S. Deffeyes's book Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage was the first serious analysis that revisited M. King Hubbert's theory on peak oil. It was a breakthrough piece of research. His new book continues this tradition of staying way ahead of conventional wisdom by using solid scientific facts. It is a must-read!"

—the late Matthew R. Simmons,
Simmons & Company International

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Visualizing an Invisible World

By Kenneth Deffeyes and Stephen Deffeyes

Published by The MIT Press, March 2009

"The twentieth century brought us two new views of the world we live in and two new levels of understanding—the awesome views from space and the fascinating and astonishing images of the atomic world from the electron microscope. There are many popular presentations of the former but this volume is one of the first to give us a superbly illustrated glimpse of the micro-world that controls almost every aspect of our every day lives—both useful and enjoyable!"

—Lord Ronald Oxburgh,
former Chairman, House of Lords Select
Committee on Science and Technology

Nanoscale Website

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The MIT Press

Beyond Oil:
The View from Hubbert's Peak

By Professor Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005

Some reader's comments for Beyond Oil:
Brian J. Skinner
David Goodstein
Richard E. Smalley
A.M. Samsam Bakhtiari
Matthew R. Simmons

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Hubbert's Peak:
The Impending World Oil Shortage

By Professor Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Published by Princeton University Press, 2001

"I read this book with pleasure and profit,
learning a great deal painlessly."

—Robert M. Solow,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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