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Read a sample chapter of Beyond Oil at

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas.
Energy Bulletin
Energy and peak oil news.
Peak Oil news and message boards.
The Peak in world oil production will change everything.
Peak Oil Action
Dedicated to raising awareness about peak oil and the coming
decline in oil production, the consequences of this decline and
the actions that can be taken.
Simmons & Company
Investment bankers to the energy industry.
Life After the Oil Crash
Deal with reality, or reality will deal with you.
Die Off
A population crash resource page.
Peak Oil - A Reality
An article at
Dry Dipstick
Peak Oil / Hubbert's Peak metadirectory.
Peal Oil Center
Informing people about the upcoming energy crisis and a launching
platform for other peak oil resources around the net.
Power Switch
Raising awareness of Britain's energy future, rising energy prices,
peak oil, the end of cheap oil and the oil crisis,
promoting renewable energy.
Oil Crash
Unlike the patient whose doctor may choose to spare them the deadly
diagnosis, many of us would prefer to know the truth and some idea of
likely consequences.

Read the article on Hubbert's Peak at Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia.

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