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Princeton University

Task Force on Health & Well-Being


Janet S. Dickerson - Vice President for Campus Life
Robert K. Durkee
- Vice President and Secretary of the University
Elizabeth R. Gavis - Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
Uwe E. Reinhardt - Professor of Economics and Public Affairs and the James Madison Professor of Political Economy, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Eldar B. Shafir - Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
Jonathan J. Baer - Director of Building Services
Lisa Herschbach - Dean of Wilson College
Terri Harris Reed - Associate Provost for Institutional Equity
Maureen E. Nash - Vice President for Human Resources
Daniel Silverman - Chief Medical Officer of the University & Executive Director of University Health Services
Eric L. Stein - Associate Director of Athletics
Graduate Students
Rachel T. Kimbro - Sociology
Ian J. Parrish - Astrophysical Sciences
Undergraduate Students
Adam Castano '05 - Molecular Biology
Scott Bryan Grant '05 - Chemistry
Elona Toska '05 - Woodrow Wilson School
Tamara Whitaker '06 - Chemical Engineering
Serving as staff to the Task Force
Megan A. Adams - Director of Risk Management
Janet E. Finnie - Associate Director of University Health Services
Ann Halliday - Associate Secretary, Office of the Vice President and Secretary
Karen A. Jezierny
- Director of Public Affairs
Steve LeMenager - Director of Planning & Administration, Office of the Vice President for Campus Life
Alison Nelson - Manager of Benefits and Compensation, Human Resources
Karen M. Woodbridge - Special Assistant to the Vice President for Public Affairs

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