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Academic Study Abroad & Research

In addition to studying abroad during the academic year, many students also undertake summer study abroad, often in intensive language programs or regionally specific courses. Others are supported by University grants to do independent research in the summer for their senior thesis. Further, for undergraduate and graduate students, exchange programs offer unique experiences to reach new cultural and intellectual destinations.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Program serves as a hub for undergraduate students to explore international academic opportunities. Students in all majors are eligible to study abroad during the spring semester of their sophomore year, one or both semesters of their junior year, or the fall semester of their senior year, and receive full academic credit. Students who receive financial aid continue to receive support from the University while studying abroad during the academic year.

Independent Research

The University encourages students to pursue research overseas and to extend the horizons of independent projects. Undergraduates often conduct research at locations around the world for work on the senior thesis. Graduate students can benefit by collaborating with peers at other institutions and using international information resources, helping to advance knowledge.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs help to extend Princeton's connections with educational institutions around the world. The Study Abroad Program outlines the academic opportunities available to Princeton undergraduates at a range of international institutions. Graduate School exchange programs enable graduate students to take courses or conduct dissertation research overseas. Formal reciprocal exchange programs allow graduate students to visit Princeton as nondegree candidates for a period of one term or one year, and Princeton students may visit other institutions. 


Postgraduate fellowships and graduate school fellowships for study and research abroad can help Princeton students pursue initiatives that advance their scholarship and create new career possibilities. Fellowship guides are available to help students learn about these numerous opportunities.