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Quick Facts

For more detailed information, see the reports on study abroad participants, international students, international internship program participants, international scholars and international partnerships.

  • Undergraduate study abroad participation, academic year 2013-14: 181
  • Undergraduate student abroad participation, summer 2013: 414
  • Top five study abroad destinations, academic year 2013-14: England, Spain, France, Panama, Australia 
  • Top five study abroad destinations, summer 2013: China, Germany, Brazil, Spain, France
  • International Internship program participants, including Princeton in France and German Summer Work program, summer 2013: 215
  • International undergraduate student enrollment 2013-14: 549
  • International graduate student enrollment 2013-14: 992 
  • Top five home countries for all international undergraduate students 2013-14: Canada, Korea, United Kingdom, India, China
  • Top five home countries for all graduate students 2013-14: China, Canada, India, Korea, and Germany
  • International scholars 2013-2014: 982
  • Students receiving Fulbright Awards for 2013-14: 9