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Research & Partnerships

Through internationally focused research and teaching priorities, Princeton faculty collaborate with colleagues throughout the world to carry out important, cutting-edge research and scholarship. These efforts help to build a global-minded community at Princeton, while extending the University's strengths abroad. Princeton is committed to an international vision that is nimble, flexible and driven by academic endeavors.


Vibrant and multidimensional partnerships with faculty and institutions around the world help to foster the flow of ideas. The Council for International Teaching and Research provides critical support for the development of these linkages. Other kinds of partnerships, including connections with international alumni groups, allow the Princeton community to build global networks.


Princeton offers many forms of support for faculty engaged in international research collaboration, including grants and fellowship awards administered by the Council for International Teaching and Research and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.

Study Abroad in Kenya

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology offers a tropical biology program in Kenya in collaboration with the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Program in African Studies and Kenyan institutions. (Photo: Courtesy of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)