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Housing Working Group

International Visitor Housing

In spring 2007, when the Adelman-Slaughter Committee conducted proceedings on the internationalization of Princeton, it heard a great deal about the difficulty that departments, programs and schools faced in housing its visitors from abroad. The President’s Advisory Committee on Internationalization identified the inadequate supply of housing options for visiting faculty, researchers and scholars from abroad as one of the principle obstacles to Princeton’s efforts to be a global university.

Upon formation of the Council for International Teaching and Research (CITR) in Sept. 2008, a working group was created to explore housing solutions for international visitors. A comparison of Princeton’s international housing infrastructure with peer institutions led the council to recommend two tracks for addressing the shortfall: creating a robust and up-to-date profile of available housing for extended-stay visitors, and authorizing the University’s planners to explore development options for the renovation of the series of houses on Olden Street. Currently, through the collaborative efforts of the CITR Housing working group and the staff of the University Housing Department, work to fulfill both these recommendations is under way. These efforts will aid in filling the housing gap with welcoming and conveniently located facilities for international visitors, to help them make the most of their sojourns and leave Princeton with an impression of a University dedicated to the support of global flows of scholars.

Visitor Housing Survey

To further meet the goal of securing an adequate stock of short- to medium-term housing options for visitors and to gain a better understanding of the campus’s needs in this area, the council invited academic departments, programs and centers to share their visitor housing experiences and provide information on visitors they have hosted during the past two years.

Information gathered from the invited participants will be analyzed by the Council and University Housing Department prior to generating a public report.