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Oxford-Princeton Research Partnership

Call for proposals for funding, September 2011

Application Process

Princeton faculty are invited to submit new proposals for collaborative research projects with Oxford (due December 9, 2011), using the Princeton application form. Proposals may come from individual faculty members or a group of faculty but should have a Princeton faculty member as PI (Principal Investigator) in all cases.
Oxford co-applicants will submit the same proposal to the appropriate Head of Division at Oxford, using the application form developed by Oxford. Oxford Division Heads will provide their Pro Vice Chancellor with a ranked list of proposals they have recommended for funding (recommendations due January 20, 2012).
The same proposal should be submitted by the PIs at each institution.
The grant review committees at Oxford and Princeton will liaise to jointly determine which projects will be funded.
This funding cycle represents the third round in a series of calls.  In the 2009-10 round, 7 out of 21 proposed projects were funded. Last year, 3 of 17 were funded.
This is likely to be the final round in this series of calls (subject to the number and quality of proposals received).
Selection Process
Seed-corn funds for Oxford/Princeton research partnership projects (normally of two but up to four years duration) are designed to provide support for interactions between researchers to build the basis for new research projects and proposals for external funding (to help sustain and enlarge collaborative activity). The universities are especially interested to fund projects that
1. Make the case for the strategic importance or added academic value of the collaboration;

2. Establish a foundation for future collaboration;

3. Emphasize new connections and collaborations and build the basis for new research projects (rather than fund already established research partnerships or continue projects funded under this program);

4. Show how the collaboration might be sustained beyond the term of the seed-funding, including through faculty and department commitment and/or the likelihood of leveraging this funding to receive external support (in the forms of grants and awards);

5. Are led by early career researchers or involve opportunities for postdocs and early stage academic and graduate students;

6. Provide a budget that is reasonable and appropriate to the scope and duration of the project.


Grants are intended to facilitate joint planning sessions, conferences, and exchanges rather than for the conduct of research itself. Each university will provide its own lead investigator with funds that can be spent over the course of the grant period on travel, accommodations, workshops, facilities use and other expenses related to meetings or the preparation of external funding proposals, as specified at the time of the proposal.

Funds will not normally be awarded to support research staff costs though such requests will be considered if a compelling argument is made.
Grants will be awarded according to a two-tier structure. Tier 1 grants will be awarded in the amount of US $4500 (£3K match) per year for two years (for a total of $9000 + £6000). Tier 2 grants will be awarded in amounts up to US $18K (£12K match) over a three to four year period. For projects of more than two years duration, a progress report will be required before the final year’s funding is released.

Closing Date
The call for proposals closes December 9, 2011.
Click here to download the application form (.doc) to your desktop
Click here to download the application form (.pdf) to your desktop
Administrative Contacts
The contact point for the scheme at Oxford is Glenn Swafford, Director, Research Services, and at Princeton, Diana K. Davies, Vice Provost for International Initiatives, Office of the Provost.  For information about the graduate student exchange aspect of research partnerships, students should visit the Oxford Princeton Exchange program or contact associate dean of the Graduate School David N. Redman, 113 Clio Hall, (609) 258-3902. Oxford students will find a link to the visiting exchange student application on the site above. Undergraduate students may contact the Study Abroad Program.
2012-13 Oxford Princeton grant recipients
Six Princeton collaborative research projects have been awarded funding by The Council for International Teaching and Research. Four Tier 1 grants in the amount of US $9K (£6K match) and two Tier 1 grants  in the amount of US $18K (£12K match) were awarded per year for two years beginning fall 2012.
2012-13 Princeton Collaborative Research Grant Leads
2011-12 Princeton Collaborative Research Grant Leads

Tier I grants:

Tier II grants:

2010-11 Princeton Collaborative Research Grant Leads

Tier I grants:

Tier II grants: