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U. São Paulo - Princeton

Princeton and the University São Paulo provide resources to build durable ties through faculty-designed collaborations, creating the capacity for faculty and students to enhance and sustain academic cooperation by moving back and forth across national borders with the institutional support of their home and host universities.

The University São Paulo - Princeton Strategic Partnership supports departments, programs, and centers seeking resources to sustain on-going transnational research and teaching collaborations  and invites proposals from faculty that promote collaborations between the two institutions.
Call for Proposals
Bilateral collaborative research and teaching ventures should include a balanced representation of scholars from both institutions. Applicants are required to meet any national requirements for funding and follow the general regulations of their respective university. Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be considered. This initiative does not encompass student exchange programs for semester and academic year study abroad. All inquiries for graduate and undergraduate study abroad programs should be directed to: USP International Office and Princeton Office of International Programs, and the Princeton Graduate School.
Three types of proposals will be considered:
1. Seed grants, e.g. to enable clusters of faculty and graduate students to convene to explore prospects for future collaborations including external funding opportunities. Maximum support: $10,000. 
2. Medium grants, for two years activity. These thematic or disciplinary workshops should be designed by faculty on both sides but incorporate graduate students in the planning and execution. These may focus on dissertation write-up meetings, topical exchanges, or training meetings. Maximum support: $50,000 for two years.
3. Large grants for three years activity. Maximum support: $200,000.
A Joint Governance Committee comprised of faculty and senior administrators from both universities will review and consider proposals for awards.
2015-16 Princeton-São Paulo Grant Leads
2014-15 Princeton-São Paulo Grant Leads