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International Operations

Anastasia Vrachnos, the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations, supports operations related to international education, research, and collaboration. In addition, the following offices and individuals provide assistance in the following areas:

  • International hires (engaging individuals abroad, international assignments, expatriate arrangements, etc.)

Claire Hu

  • Incoming immigration and U.S. visa issues for international students, faculty, and visiting scholars

Davis International Center

  • International IT security

Anthony Scaturro, OIT

  • International Memos of Understanding, Agreements, and contracts

Kevin Licciardi, Office of General Counsel

  • International post-docs

Lisa M. Scalice, Dean of Faculty

  • International purchasing

Joe Woodward, Finance and Treasurer

  • International risk management

Megan Adams, Finance and Treasurer

  • International sponsored research, export control

Office of Research and Project Administration

  • U.S. tax issues for international individuals

Karen Murphy-Gordon, Finance and Treasury

  • International travel (expenses and travel arrangements, University business travel)

Cindy Shumate, Finance and Treasury