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International Memorandum of Understanding Template

(example only)

International Memorandum of Understanding


University X



Princeton University

Princeton New Jersey, USA

Princeton University and the University of X, wishing to develop friendly and cooperative relations in the fields of education and research, have concluded the present International Memorandum of Understanding (IMOU).

I. Subject of the Agreement

Both parties agree to explore the following general forms of cooperation:

1. Joint educational, training and/or research activities.

2. Exchange of invitations to scholars (faculty, research personnel, and graduate students) for lectures, visits and sharing of experiences.

3. Exchange of invitations to scholars for participation in conferences, symposia and seminars.

4. Exchange of information in fields of interest to both parties.

5. Exchange of faculty, research personnel, and graduate and undergraduate students for study and research.

6. Practical training in pre-identified or otherwise selected field sites.

Before proceeding with any such activities, the parties shall discuss whether it is advisable to enter into a Specific Agreement that includes additional terms and conditions regarding costs, intellectual property, liability, and other matters as the circumstances may require.

II.  Obligations of the Parties

To implement the IMOU the parties commit themselves to provide necessary conditions:

2.1. Both sides will maintain ongoing communication and circulate essential information in a timely manner.

2.2.  Both parties agree that all financial agreements necessary to implement this IMOU must be negotiated and will depend upon the availability of funds. Neither institution shall have any financial obligation to the other institution based on this Agreement. 

2.3. Realization of separate concrete projects within the frames of the IMOU will be stipulated in separate, Specific Agreements.  

III.   Term and Order of Action   

3.1 This IMOU will become effective upon the date of signature by the representatives of the institutions and, if applicable, approval by appropriate authorities in their respective countries.

3.2. The IMOU will be in force for [3 - 5] years and may be renewed upon written agreement of the parties for subsequent terms. Either party wishing to make changes or terminate the IMOU shall notify the other partner in writing of such intentions no later than [3 - 6] months before the suggested changes should go into effect.

3.3. The IMOU supersedes all previously made oral or written agreements or protocols between the parties relating to its subject.

3.4. Each party reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the IMOU should the other partner fail to fulfill its responsibilities as stated herein .

IV.   Responsibilities of the Parties

4.1 Each party acts on its own behalf in all relations with a third party. Neither party will be responsible for any outside commitments of the other party.

4.2 The parties shall remain independent of one another and nothing herein shall be construed or interpreted, by implication or otherwise, to form a partnership, agency, joint venture or other formal business association.

4.3 Both institutions subscribe to the policy of equal opportunity and do not discriminate on any basis, including but not limited to race, caste, sex, age, ethnicity, religion, or national origin.

V.   Signatures

The IMOU is written and signed in four copies (2 in X language and 2 in English) having equal force, each party receiving one copy in both languages.

VI.   Legal Addresses of the Parties:


      Princeton University:


Princeton, New Jersey



Tel.: (609) 258-3000

University of X 



For Princeton University:


Christopher L. Eisgruber


Date _______________________

For University X


Date _______________________