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2009 Presidential Election

Because of the controversies ensuing in the aftermath of the 2009 presidential elections, we provide more detailed information here than on the other elections. Data in this category include election data, statements made by various individuals and institutions regarding the elections, and the post-election indictments. 

Date of Election 12 June 2009
Number of Eligible Voters 46,199,997
Number of Actual Voters 39,371,214
Voter Turnout (%) 85.21
Number of Candidates Registered to Run 475
Number of Candidates Allowed to Run (1) 4
Percentage of Candidates Allowed to Run 0.84%
Election Winner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Number and Percentage of Votes Received by Winner 24,592,793 (63.1%)
First Runner-Up Seyyed Mir-Hossein Mousavi
First Runner-Up Number and Percentage of Votes Received 13,338,121 (34,2%)
Margin of Victory by the Winner 28.9%
Names and Votes of Other Candidates

Mohsen Rezai, 681,851 (1.75%)
Mehdi Karroubi, 338,278 (0.87%)

Invalid Votes 420,171

The data published by the Ministry of Interior ( was accessed on 16 June 2009 and is no longer available on the website of the Ministry. See Election Data under the 2009 Presidential Election for detailed election results. 


The announced election results led to complaints and urban unrest as Mousavi and Karroubi accused the government of voter fraud. 

There is no public data on the number of female candidates who submitted their candidacy.

(1) Candidates submitting their candidacy are first vetted by the Ministry of Interior and then by the Guardian Council. The number we show under `candidates allowed to run` represents the number of candidates allowed to run after the vetting processes by both the Ministry of Interior and the Guardian Council are completed.