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Conference Schedule

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Morning Session

8:30-9:00 AM  Coffee and Breakfast

Panel 1 Venice and the Ritual Imagination 

Session Chair:  Emily Spratt (Princeton University) 

9:00 AM  John Welsh, Harvard (Harvard University): “Walking the Invisible City: Reflections on Italo Calvino and Michel de Certeau”

9:35 AM Tracy E. Cooper (Temple University): “Between Memory and Presence: Palladian Ritual Architecture in Venice and Vicenza"

Coffee break

Panel 2 Performing Ritual in Venetian Opera

Session Chair:  Bibiana Gattozzi (Princeton University) 

10:30 AM Ronald Shields (Houston State University): "Pallante’s Sword: Gesturing Masculinity in La Virtu de’ Strali d’Amore by Giovanni Faustini and Francesco Cavalli (1642)” 

11:05 AM Aliyah Shanti (Princeton University):  “Supernatural Crowds: Dance and Chorus as the Rituals of Hell”

11:40 AM Elisabeth Belgrano (University of Gothenberg, Sweden) "Mourning through the voice of Ottavia: Performing aesthetic experiences of a ritual" 


Afternoon Session

1:15-2:30 PM  Roundtable discussion:  Producing Poppea for Princeton (Chair, Wendy Heller)

(Michael Pratt, Conductor and Producer; Ethan Heard, Stage Director, Anya Kleipikov, Costume Designer; Nicholas Lockey, Assistant Conductor; Katie Buzard, Poppea)

Panel 3 Creating Ritual Contexts in Profane and Sacred Spaces 

Session Chair:  Jamie Greenberg (Princeton University) 

3:00 PM Beth Glixon (University of Kentucky) From Poppea to Attila: The Grimani and Opera Production in 17th-century Venice

3:35 PM L. Giovanna Urist (Syracuse University): “A Defeated Bishop: Lorenzo Giustiniani and the Failed Forcible Reform of Santa Maria delle Vergini”

4:10 PM Jonathan Glixon University of Kentucky  “Performing Vows: Rituals of Transition in the Nunneries of Early Modern Venice”

5:00 PM Reception at the Art Museum

7:30 Performance of Coronation of Poppea at Richardson Auditorium

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Morning Session

8:45 AM Coffee and Breakfast

Panel 4 Ritualizing Sound for Venetian Politics

Session Chair:  Ireri Chavez-Barcenas (Princeton University) 

9:15 AM  Peter Lawson (UCLA):  "Adriano Willaert and the Liturgical Role of Musical Style at San Marco"

9:50 AM Martin Morell (New York City): "Musical settings of sestine as markers of rites of passage, with particular reference to the marriage celebrations for Bianca Cappello and Francesco de’ Medici (1579)"

10:25 AM  Kurt Markstrom (University of Manitoba) "The Porpora Vespers 1744: Reconstructing a Vespers for the 'Girls' of Venice"


Panel 5 Venetian Ritual Beyond the Serenissima

Session Chair:  John Lansdowne (Princeton University)

11:20 AM Matt Collins (Harvard University): “Outshining the Other City-States: Venice and Medieval Architectural Ritual”

11:55 AM  Erik Peterson (Voxare String Quartet): "Cultural Crossroads: The Burgeoning of Violinmaking in Eighteenth-Century Venice"