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A Word from the Co-Coordinators

We would like to introduce ourselves as the student co-coordinators of the Italian Studies program, and to give some information on upcoming events. Italian Studies is a graduate program dedicated to organizing events and providing information on Italian-related interests for the Princeton community. In the past, this has included guest speakers and graduate conferences, including last year’s Italy and the East graduate conference. This year, we hope to explore the topic of Italy and the Arts, in collaboration with the Department of Music and the Princeton University Art Museum. 

We have also compiled a list of graduate and other high-level courses that may be of interest to students of Italian subjects, which can be found at Courses of Interest.

If you would like more information on Italian Studies events and news, please email us and we will put you on our mailing list.


Bibiana Gattozzi, Music


John Lansdowne, Art and Archaeology


Co-Coordinators, Italian Studies