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Data Backup Services

The Princeton Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides data backup service for all data stored on OIT operated storage services such as networked file storage, WebSpace, SharePoint, and the Exchange and IMAP file systems.  The service can also be used to protect data on any University-owned computer, and any computer owned by a university faculty or staff member.

The backup service is Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software. TSM maintains copies of all active files both in an on-campus disk storage system and on magnetic tapes that are encrypted and stored in a secure off-campus location. These copies are maintained for 30 days after a file is deleted.

A separate data backup service protects files stored on the files networked file system. They are  backed up by a "snapshot" technology unique to that storage system. As a file changes, copies of the file (the snapshots) are saved at regular intervals and retained for 30 days.

For more information about the TSM-based backup service, see the "TSM Backup Service" article in the OIT KnowledgeBase.