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Client Software (03/28/2014)

TSM client software is available for a wide variety of operating systems.  Follow the links below to download client software for the operating systems most commonly found on campus.  If your system is not listed here, send e-mail with the OS name to TSM Administrator and we will let you know whether that OS is supported, and if so how to get the client software.

Windows install instructions.

If you are still using Windows XP, contact TSM Administrator for assistance

Windows 7+ and Vista (64-bit) client version 6.3 [02/01/2013]

Windows 7+ and Vista (64-bit) client version 6.4 [02/01/2013]

Windows 8 and Vista (64-bit) client version [03/28/2014]

Mac installation instructions.

(Click the Apple and "About this Mac")

For Mac Version 10.8, Follow both links - look first at "patch" and then "maintenance to load version 6.4

Mac 10.8, version 6.4. patch (step 1) [02/01/2013]

Mac 10.8, version 6.4, maintenance (step 2) [02/01/2013]

There is an extra step for installation of the Mac: T he Gatekeeper blocks the auto-installer. The workaround is to right-click or control-click the installer then select Open.

Mac 10.9.2, version 6.4,1.5 [03/28/2014]

Linux x86 client version 6.2.4 [01/06/2012]

client version 6.2.4 [01/06/2012]

Solaris (SPARC) client version 6.2.4  [01/06/2012]

Solaris x86 client version 6.2.4 [01/06/2012]