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TSM Administration

To add TSM to a client, you must have administrative privileges. If you do not, contact your local SCAD for assistance, or call the OIT Help Desk (609) 258-4357 (258-HELP):

  1. Register a new TSM account
  2. Download TSM software from the Client Software Section
  3. Configure a Windows or Windows Vista computer using this executable. Save the .exe file to your hard drive first, then right-click it, and select "Run As Administrator".
    Click here if you are running Windows NT or 2000.
    Manual setup instructions can also be found in the Client Software section
    If you are on a Mac, the configuration instructions are found in the Client Software section

View the status of your TSM account(s).

Maintain your TSM account(s):

  1. check the status
  2. change passwords
  3. change report frequency
  4. change contact information

Help on using the TSM backup service

Check the status of the TSM servers.

TSM Usage and Charging Policy

Multiple e-mail contacts for a TSM account