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TSM Usage and Charging

The primary goal of the TSM backup service is to protect data on servers and storage systems from loss due to hardware failure or inadvertent deletion. To assure that TSM resources will be adequately matched to demand, OIT has established policies and associated charges for different classes of TSM backup service.

Backing Up Only Personal Data

TSM backup of servers can be limited to personal work documents The definition of personal documents will be based on the location of the documents, for example the "My Documents" and "\usr" folders on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 systems. See the appendix of this document for a complete description of what will be backed up on each operating system.

Complete Backup

For most servers, the best choice is the complete backup option that encompasses all directories on all disk volumes, with the exception of a few such as Temporary Internet Files and other similar temporary directories. 

Bulk Backup

For users and Departments that wish to store very large amounts of data, OIT provides the Bulk backup service.  This service is geared towards the backup of up large quantities of data (typically many terabytes) with a restricted service that limits the demands placed on the backup servers.  The restrictions on the service are:

  • The bulk backup service is primarily intended for recovering from a disaster situation and does not support casual restoration of individual files.
  • The primary backup storage medium will be magnetic tape.  Tapes used to store bulk backup data may be stored outside the main TSM library and may not be immediately available without prior notice.
  • There will usually be an assigned window for the user to perform her backups.

For more information about the bulk backup service please contact

Selecting a Backup Option

To choose either the "Personal" or "Complete" option, the TSM contact for a system can go to the TSM Administration link on this web site, choose "Maintain your TSM account" and select a service level. A project-grant number is required in order to choose the Complete option.  A department administrator who wants to specify backup service levels for a large group of machines can send a list of system names and options to  Those wishing to use the bulk backup service should contact TSM support at the above address, or contact the Help Desk.  Bulk backup cannot be selected by self-service.

Appendix: Definitions for Personal Data Directories

Operating System Personal Directories
Window Vista C:\Documents and Settings, C:\Users, D:\Users, C:\usr and D:\usr.
Windows 2000, XP, 2003 C:\Documents and Settings (including My Documents) for all users except \Default User, \LocalService, \NetworkService, \SMSC; also C:\usr and D:\usr.
Windows NT C:\Winnt\Profiles
Windows 9x C:\* (there is no consistent personal directory for Windows versions prior to Windows NT)
Linux, Solaris, Irix, AIX /home,/home1,/home2,/data,/data1,/data2
Macintosh OS 10.x /Users
Macintosh OS 9.x and earlier Back up entire system. There is no defined directory for personal documents.