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About us

The Information Security Office

The Information Security Office focuses on information security-related outreach to faculty, staff, students and other campus constituencies.  As such, this office is responsible for:
  • Delivering enterprise-wide information security programs, and managing cross-departmental security projects,
  • Assisting the University's academic and administrative departments in the development of effective strategies for identifying and addressing risk, and for complying with their information security-related legal and contractual obligations,
  • Promoting information security awareness, education and training,
  • Monitoring compliance with the University's information security-related policies,
  • Serving as the convener of the OIT Security Cross Functional Team.

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Security and Data Protection (SDP)

  • Steve Niedzwiecki, Senior Manager
  • SDP provides the following central IT security services:
    • IT security infrastructure management
    • Product research and deployment
    • Technical consulting
    • Implementation support

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OIT Support Services Customer Assistance

  • Rita Seplowitz Saltz, Senior Policy Advisor
  • As part of broader high-level customer support,
    • Convey meaningful information regarding imminent potential threats to appropriate members of the University community
    • Correspond and confer as needed with individuals and organizations, both inside and outside the University, regarding suspected or documented security issues and incidents, and other situations of potential risk
    • Provide regular reporting of related incidents to the Director of Public Safety
    • Serve as first customer support respondant for the OIT network response team (,

For a detailed description of all of the information security-related roles and responsibilities across each of the University's implementation and support areas, download the IT Security Roles and Responsibilities Matrix.

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