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Obtain a SecurID token

A SecurID token is a device, marketed by the RSA Corporation, designed to enhance system security by requiring each user to prove his or her identity in two ways before access is granted, i.e., entering his or her valid password AND demonstrating that he or she has an assigned token.

To demonstrate possession of a token, the user must respond to a system prompt with the number displayed on the Token's LCD. Because this number changes to a completely different value every minute, it is virtually impossible for an individual without the token to guess its current value.

Any individual who needs to administer system software or administrative applications on an OIT-managed Unix or Linux server may only do so with a valid SecurID token.

To obtain a SecurID token,

  1. Access the RSA SecurID Token Request Form.  
    You will be prompted to enter your University netID and password. 
  2. Complete and submit the form.

Note:  Your department is charged $132.00 for each newly assigned RSA SecurID token. This charge covers both the cost of the token and the license. Each token has a life span of four years. Replacement tokens are $63.00.

Assuming everything is in order, your token will be assigned within two business days of our receipt of the form. Newly assigned tokens must be picked up by the assignee or his or her manager at 701 Carnegie Center. Proof of identity (i.e., your valid University ID) is required. For information regarding how to set up your PIN and use the SecurID token, download the RSA SecurID Token User Guide document.