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Directory data guide

The table below enumerates the current puStatus and/or employeeType attribute within the University directories.  Previous values of puStatus are also provided for reference.  The puStatus/employeeType attribute represents the primary affiliation of the entity represented by the directory entry.

puStatus values for University accounts

  Current value Previous value Definition
  cas cas casual hourly employee
  eme eme emeritus faculty member
  fac fac faculty member
  graduate gNN NNth year graduate student (where NN is 01 through 09)
   ----- gxx graduate student, generic or cohort year withheld
   ----- prospect prospect
  ret ret retired employee
  sps sps special student
  stf stf staff member
  trustees trs trustee
  ubridge  ----- bridge year student
  undergraduate uNN member of the undergraduate class of 'NN (where NN is 00 through 99)
   ----- uxx undergraduate student, generic or class year withheld


puStatus attribute values for affiliate accounts

  Current value Previous value Definition
   ---- aff affiliate
  alumg *NN graduate alumnus, degree in 'NN
  alumu 'NN undergraduate alumnus, class of 'NN
   ---- applicant applicant
   ---- cap community auditor program
  chaplain  ---- chaplain
  cispeclst  ---- Content Instruction Specialist
  corpvndr out corporate vendor
  dcu dcu departmental computer user
  depguest  ---- departmental guest
  docents  ---- docent
  guest guest guest
  hhughes  ---- Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  hillel  ---- Center for Jewish Life
  ithaka  ---- ITHAKA
   ---- kin kin
   ---- mccarter McCarter Theater
  nehfellw  ---- National Endowment for the Humanities fellow
  puasia africa Princeton University in Asia, Africa, or Latin America program
  pup pup Princeton University Press
  renter  ---- renter
  survivor  ---- surviving family member of a deceased faculty or staff member
  teacprep  ---- Teacher Preparation program


puStatus attribute values for service accounts

  Current value Previous value Definition
    cwk coursework account
  #ls lsv LISTSERV e-mail list
  #og org organization - graduate student
  #ou org organization - undergraduate student
  #rs  ---- Microsoft Exchange resource (conference room, overhead projector, etc.)
  #sv adm organization - other (non-student); application or administrative netID
   ---- oth other
   ---- out outside organization
   ---- svm VM service virtual machine
   ---- svr Unix server


puStatus values for disabled accounts

  Current value Previous value Definition
  decs decs deceased
  graddef  ---- graduate student - deferred admission
  gradetdc  ---- graduate student - education terminated, degree candidacy continues
   ---- xadm service account
   ---- xaff affiliate
  xcas xcas casual hourly
  xfac xfac faculty account
  xgraduate xgraduate graduate account
  xmiscaffil xmiscaffil former account encompassing all accounts not explicitly defined with an 'xStatus' code
  xsps xsps special student
  xstf xstf staff
  xsurvivor  ---- survivor
  xundergraduate xundergraduate undergraduate