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Tanvir Farouk

Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate
Research:  Microgravity combustion, Modeling of isolated droplet combustion in reduced gravity
Affiliation: Combustion Lab, MAE Dept, Princeton University
Education: Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, 2009
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Tanvir received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2001. He worked as an intern at Eastern Refinery Limited the sole oil refinery in Bangladesh, during his junior year. He obtained his M.S. degree from the University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada, in 2004, and the Ph.D. degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, in 2009 both is Mechanical Engineering.

During his M.S. study at the University of Toronto, he studied the adsorption of water vapor on silicon dioxide substrate under microgravity conditions. His work also involved turbulent transitions in Marangoni convections. At Drexel University, his thesis was on mathematical model development for simulating atmospheric-pressure non-thermal micro discharge. His research focused on understanding the interplaying physicochemical processes, the stabilization mechanism of atmospheric-pressure micro discharges, and the use of such plasmas for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and micro patterning.

His research interest includes plasma engineering, non-thermal plasmas at various pressures, applications of micro and nano scale plasma discharges, plasma - combustion interaction, micro gravity combustion, diffusion flames and mathematical modeling.


Saeed Jahangirian

Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate
Research:  Experimental and computational investigation of real and alternative fuel combustion
Affiliation: Combustion Lab, MAE Dept, Princeton University
Education:  PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 2009
Hometown: Iran
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Saeed's current research focuses on formulation of jet fuel surrogates and development of experimental databases for these surrogates and their individual components. Experiments are mostly performed in a variable pressure flow reactor with subsequent GC and FTIR analyses. It also includes evaluation of kinetic models to predict overall combustion properties such as ignition delays (Shock tube or Rapid compression machine), oxidation profiles as function of time or temperature (flow reactor), and extinction limits (counterflow burner).

The focus of his previous research was more on flame and heat transfer studies. At Yale, he studied detailed fuel speciation and chemical structure of a counterflow diffusion flame doped with high molecular weight hydrocarbon blends. His work at Michigan State included flame spread and heat transfer in actual and simulated microgravity combustion and study of biogas as a viable alternative gas turbine fuel.