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Group - Professional Research Staff

Stephen Dooley

Title: Associate Research Scholar
Research:  Experimental and computational investigations into practical combustion phenomena
Affiliation: Combustion Lab, MAE Dept, Princeton University
Education: Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, National University of Ireland Galway, 2008
Hometown: Letterkenny, Ireland
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Technical interest in the elucidated of the overall chemical mechanism of fuel oxidation at low to high temperatures (600-2000K).

Characterization of precise properties of combustion of a particular fuel via experimentation: Rapid compression machine (low temperature, high pressure ignition delay); Shock tube (high temperature ignition delay); flow reactor {identification and quantitation of reactant; intermediate (important) and product species as function of time, temperature and pressure}.

Generation, evaluation and reconciliation of fundamental chemical-physical quantities (rate constant, thermochemical properties) with experimental observations such as autoignition and burning velocity, via detailed kinetic modeling. Particular interest in the application of these techniques to biofuel (biodiesel) and real fuel (jet fuel) combustion to develop a detailed understanding of their overall combustion, with the eventual goal of quantitative prediction of combustion properties of practical importance (e.g., autoignition, burning velocity, extinction strain rate, pollutant formation rate).