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General Questions

What is Princeton's "main website"?

The main website is the top 200 pages of Princeton's online presence, organized into a coherently designed and distinct site, which acts as the springboard into the millions of web pages at Princeton University.

What are the main sections of the new website?

  • the home page (
  • the 10 topic sections, which are the primary navigational sections of the site
  • the audience sections, which provide information and links of particular interest to six specific audiences (Students, Parents, Alumni, Faculty & Staff, Undergraduate Applicants and Graduate School Applicants)
  • the News section
  • tools, including a link to Email, the A-Z Lists, a Contacts page, a link to the News section, a link to the Multimedia section and the Site Map.

What's New?


The new design incorporates video and other multimedia tools to showcase the creativity and various pursuits of discovery on campus. Princeton faculty and students are encouraged to submit their original work for consideration.

Featured Events
This section allows Princeton community members and visitors to quickly view some of the many dynamic lectures and events being held on campus. A full listing of upcoming events can be found in the Public Events Calendar or in departmental calendars.

Community Resources
This design features a new community resources section. This area provides direct links to some of the most frequently searched for departments and services.

Giving to Princeton
Princeton University is fortunate to have many loyal alumni and contributors. The new giving link on the home page makes it easier to contribute and to learn about why giving matters.

Navigation Tools and Sections

What are the navigational topic sections?

The topic sections of the site are About Princeton, Academics, Admission & Aid, Arts, International, Library, Research, Administration & Services, Campus Life and Visiting Campus.

What is available in the tool bar on the top right portion of every screen of the main site?
The tool bar provides immediate access to five popular tools from anywhere on the main site: Email, A-Z Lists, Contacts, News, Multimedia and Site Map.

What is the purpose of the Shortcuts feature that can be found on the home page, as well as within each of the audience sections?
The Shortcuts feature is meant to provide easy access to some of the most popular links, without overcrowding the main pages of the site. It has been moved to the upper right hand corner of the page to facilitate use.

How can you return to the home page from other pages in the main site?
In order to return to the home page from any page on the main site, simply click on the "Princeton University" logo on the top left of the sub-page, or on the highlighted "Princeton University" link in the footer.

Providing Feedback

Is it possible to provide feedback on the new main website?

Any feedback that you have on the site will be greatly appreciated. It is through such feedback that we will be able to ensure the success of the website.

How can I provide feedback or ask for assistance?
You can provide feedback or ask for assistance by using the "Web page feedback" form that is in the footer on the home page.