Other Information Resources

A number of resources are available for distributing critical information and instructions.

However, please note that the 911 telephone number is for reporting emergencies only. Do not call 911 to try to obtain information about an emergent situation.

Should there be an emergency requiring evacuation of your building, you should report to the designated assembly area where a public safety officer will provide further instruction as appropriate.

In the event of a major emergency affecting the campus, the administration will use one or more of the following means to communicate with the University community:

Web Announcements

Campus Hotlines

  • Snow Line: Dial 609-258-SNOW or 609-258-7669 for information about University full-day closings, delayed openings or early closings.
  • Alert Line: Dial U-CALL at 609-258-2255 and spell out ALERT (25378) for a recorded message from Public Safety.
  • Crisis Support Line: Dial 609-258-7700 for the Crisis Support Center hotline. In the event of a major campus emergency, this hotline is answered by individuals who can provide information regarding the emergency and support services available. In the absence of an emergency, this line maintains a recorded message.

Princeton Telephone and E-mail Notification System (PTENS)

PTENS is an emergency notification system that allows authorized Princeton officials to send news and instructions simultaneously to individuals through landline phones, cellular phones, text messaging and email. The benefits of the PTENS system are its immediacy and direct access to individual campus members through multiple points of contact.


When possible, mass email is used to provide information and instructions.


Emergency reports may be available through WPRB 103.3 FM.

Tiger TV

Princeton University Tiger cable stations 4 and 7 may have emergency information and announcements.


Information may be posted in dining halls and kiosks located around campus.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Guidelines for the Campus Community developed by the Emergency Preparedness Task Force (EPTF) are available through the “Emergency Info” shortcut on the University homepage. This resource provides a wide variety of information on planning for and responding to emergencies. Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the content of this page.