Housing & Dining

One of Princeton's defining characteristics is its small, residential community that extends a wealth of academic and extracurricular opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Nearly all of the University's undergraduates and 70 percent of the graduate students live on campus. The University also offers housing and dining programs for faculty and staff.

Housing options available for undergraduates range from close-knit residential college communities to individual dormitories for juniors and seniors. For graduate students, dormitory-style rooms are available at the historic Graduate College and unfurnished apartments are offered in several complexes. With the University's four-year residential college system, upperclassmen and graduate students also have the opportunity to live in a residential college. Faculty and staff can rent from the 600 University-owned units near campus.

There also are a wide variety of dining options. Most freshmen and sophomores eat in dining facilities within their residential colleges. Juniors and seniors can take meals at the colleges, eating clubs, student food cooperatives, the Center for Jewish Life and other locations. Graduate students gather for meals in the Graduate College, or with their families in apartments. Faculty and staff have access to Prospect House, which offers both casual and full-service dining.

Students, faculty and staff often converge for meals and snacks at several locations on campus. These include the Frist Campus Center, the Woodrow Wilson Café, the Chancellor Green Café, the EQuad Café and the Genomics Café.


 Undergraduate dorm room

Nearly all undergraduates live on campus. Above, a student works in his dorm room in one of the residential colleges.