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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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@Princeton Courseware Offers View of Mandela's 'Life and Times'

The newest course available through the Alumni Council's @princeton courseware program will be "The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela."

Professor of Politics and International Affairs Jeffrey Herbst '83, who serves as director of the Council on Regional Studies and of the Program in African Studies, directs the course. In two online multimedia lectures, he reviews the modern history of South Africa and Nelson Mandela's uniquely successful dual role, first as a revolutionary fighting apartheid and then as leader of South African politics during his five year presidency, when he laid down a permanent constitutional structure for non-racial governance. Each lecture is divided into four parts. There will also be an email discussion group, moderated by Professor Herbst. There is no charge for the courseware.

The courseware requires the free Basic Real Player G2 or 7. A 56K modem is recommended as a minimum. Additional information and links are available on the @princeton courseware page.

The multimedia lectures are intended for members of the alumni and campus communities, but the audio portion is freely available to anyone, either in Real Audio or as downloadable mp3 files. To attend the multimedia course, register through the Alumni Council's online alumni community, TigerNet . For the audio-only version, go to the course page.

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