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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Sixth college committee issues final report

committee charged with making recommendations on the composition and program for a sixth residential college has issued its final report. The report will be presented for discussion at the April 21 Board of Trustees meeting.

Princeton is building a sixth residential college to accommodate the addition of 500 undergraduates to the student body approved last April by the trustees. The committee is recommending that the new college be designed and two of the existing residential colleges be renovated to house juniors and seniors as well as freshmen and sophomores.

Currently, residential colleges are composed predominantly of first- and second-year students. Most third- and fourth-year students live in dormitories that are not part of a residential college and take their meals either at eating clubs or make their own dining arrangements.

After reviewing background information ranging from student surveys to data from other universities, the committee determined that a new residential life option for juniors and seniors should be offered because the current alternatives do not fit the needs of all undergraduates.

In February, the committee issued an interim report proposing four models for the residential colleges. The report was posted on the Web and was discussed in more than 20 presentations on campus, in an e-mail survey of all undergraduates and in a focus group.

The final report recommends that three of the six colleges each accommodate approximately 400 freshmen and sophomores plus 100 juniors and seniors. The remaining three colleges each would accommodate 475 freshmen and sophomores.

For the complete final report, contact Chris Faltum in the Office of the Vice President and Secretary at ; it also is available on the office's Web page at .

The trustees are expected to discuss not only the report on the composition and program for the sixth residential college, but also the location of the college at the April 21 meeting.

Contact: Marilyn Marks (609) 258-3601

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