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Thursday, May 26, 2016

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University issues update on heightened security measures

In response to the federal government's elevated Homeland Security threat level to "condition orange" (high), the University today issued an update on its heightened security measures. The update followed a meeting of the Emergency Preparedness Task Force (EPTF) on Wednesday to review procedures that ensure the security of students, faculty and staff.

The University has instituted a number of heightened security measures. The measures are comprehensive and involve various offices and departments at the University. They include increased public safety patrols on campus and other measures that enhance overall security posture.

"While the University has not received or been alerted to any specific threats to the Princeton campus, we want to assure the community that we remain vigilant in maintaining the highest security measures possible at this time of higher national alert," said Charles Kalmbach, senior vice president for administration. "Students, faculty and staff should go about their normal business but should report any suspicious activity immediately and should check the University home page regularly for news bulletins."

In the event of an actual emergency, the campus community will be notified through a variety of mechanisms including the Web, e-mail and voice-mail. The EPTF also has posted a new Web page with links to detailed information on emergency procedures, planning and prevention tips and a variety of other useful resources.

The Department of Public Safety has issued a bulletin with information about what to do in a state of heightened alert.

Students, faculty and staff also are reminded to be aware of suspicious behavior and circumstances such as unauthorized people in restricted areas and abandoned parcels, bags, vehicles or other items. Anyone wishing to report suspicious activity should contact public safety at (609) 258-3134.

Students, faculty or staff who experience increased anxiety due to the current alert status can take advantage of a full range of medical and counseling services at University Health Services , (609) 258-3141.

More resources are available in the new "Emergency Preparedness" section of the Administration page.

Contact: Lauren Robinson-Brown (609) 258-3601

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