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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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University Scheduling helps with campus space requests

Those seeking to reserve space on campus for their activities now have a centralized resource.

University Scheduling, a department of University Services, will provide a single access point for authorized non-course related space requests at Princeton. The service was established through a collaboration of the staffs of University Scheduling and the Office of the Registrar.

The service was created to streamline the request process for students, faculty, staff, alumni and organizations interested in securing appropriate space on campus for their authorized program or event. The University Scheduling staff will coordinate with clients to ensure that available space appropriate to the nature of their event is selected and then connect each client with the relevant support department. Coordinating the effort is Tom Myers, director of the Frist Campus Center and University Scheduling.

University Scheduling offers a comprehensive Web site that provides detailed information regarding available spaces along with services, amenities and equipment located within each space. Additionally, policies and procedures are available online to provide relevant information to assist clients with the space request process.

To submit a space reservation request or for more information, visit the University Scheduling Web site .

Contact: Tom Bartus(609) 258-3601

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