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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Torquato selected to receive Prager Medal

Princeton chemist Salvatore Torquato has been named the 2004 recipient of the Society of Engineering Science William Prager Medal, which is given for outstanding research contributions in either theoretical or experimental solid mechanics or both.

The medal is one of the four major awards presented by this interdisciplinary society. It includes a $2,000 cash award and a symposium dedicated in Torquato's honor that will take place at the annual meeting in October. Torquato will give a separate plenary (Prager) lecture on his work at the same meeting.

Torquato was cited for "his outstanding and pioneering research accomplishments in advancing our fundamental understanding of the microstructure and bulk physical properties of heterogeneous materials."

Heterogeneous materials abound in man-made situations and in nature, and include such materials as particulate- and fiber-reinforced composites, thin films, colloids, packed beds, foams, polymer blends, suspensions, animal and plant tissue, microemulsions, sintered materials and sandstones. This broad research area, dating back to the work of James Clerk Maxwell and Albert Einstein, has important ramifications in engineering, statistical physics, materials science, geophysics, chemical physics, colloid science and biology.

"Torquato has introduced the solid mechanics of heterogeneous materials to all of these communities as evidenced by his publications in all of these fields," the award citation stated.

A Princeton faculty member since 1992, Torquato is a professor in the chemistry department and in the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials .

The Society of Engineering Science has been organized "to foster and promote the interchange of ideas and information among the various fields of engineering science and the fields of theoretical and applied physics, chemistry, mathematics, bioengineering and related scientific and engineering fields."

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