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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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University to host four 'Pub Nights' for faculty, students and staff

Four "Pub Nights" hosted at the Chancellor Green Café beginning Friday, April 14, will give Princeton faculty members, students and staff an opportunity to come together to enjoy conversation, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, food and music.

The Pub Nights are part of a pilot proposal to test the feasibility of student requests to establish a permanent campus bar. The pub will be open from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. on four Fridays, April 14, April 28, and May 12 and May 19.

The four pub events will be open to members of the University community who are 21 or older, and all patrons will be required to show a P.U.I.D. and government-issued identification to enter. Dining Services will provide the beverages and food, while the costs not covered through the sale of beverages and food throughout the trial period will be underwritten by the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life.

"We envision the pilot pubs as creating a setting which might bring together faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduates of legal drinking age for conversation while they enjoy beer or wine, something to eat and good music," said Janet Dickerson, vice president for campus life. "The hope is that the pub nights become a social gathering place akin to Café Vivian or Murray-Dodge Café on campus."
A committee made up of students and administrators began planning the events after undergraduates seeking social alternatives to the eating clubs brought their concerns to the attention of Dickerson's office last spring.

While the University typically has given permission to groups to serve alcohol to students of legal drinking age on a single-event basis, the Pub Committee recommended four "themed" event nights where alcohol would be served in a pub atmosphere: Opening Night, Latin Night, Italy-France Wine Night and Beers of the World Night.

At the Pub Nights, patrons will be able to purchase beer selections for $2.50 and $3, and wine by the glass for $4.25, in addition to bar fare such as nachos and chicken wings.

"This presents our community with another social option, and we do hope that the pub serves as a model for responsible alcohol consumption on campus," Dickerson said. "If the Pub Nights can provide an opportunity for members of our community to have a good time while enjoying safe drinking behavior, then it will have enjoyed a measure of success."

The Pub Committee will use the Pub Nights to evaluate the feasibility of future events where alcohol is served on campus. The committee is made up of staff from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, Dining Services, Conference Services, the Frist Campus Center, the Graduate School, the Office of the Vice President of Campus Life and also undergraduate students, some of whom are members of the Undergraduate Student Government. 

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