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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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Two students win International Service Award

Graduate student Tanya De Mello and junior Julia Neubauer have been named winners of the 2006 International Service Award by the University's International Center.

De Mello, a native of Toronto who is pursuing an MPA degree in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, was honored for founding the Woodrow Wilson Workers Organization, which links graduate students with volunteering opportunities to assist area residents. The group also coordinated a relief trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, in a venture independent of the Woodrow Wilson Workers Organization and the University, De Mello and two students organized a trip to Kashmir, Pakistan, to work with earthquake survivors.

Neubauer, an economics major from Rohrbach, Austria, was cited for helping to establish a home for street children in Pune, India. Neubauer worked with classmates from the United World College of India, which she attended before coming to Princeton, to launch the Ashraya Institute for Children in 2004.

The International Service Award annually honors a student or a student group whose cross-cultural humanitarian endeavors have benefited the lives of those they have served locally or in other parts of the world. De Mello and Neubauer shared the $300 prize for this year's award, which was presented May 8 by Vice President for Campus Life Janet Dickerson.

The award is supported by the United Moms Charity Association, a New Jersey nonprofit organization.


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