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Friday, April 28, 2017

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University to consolidate campus points accounts

The University this summer will consolidate its existing declining balance "points" accounts -- Dining Points and Paw Points -- which are available to purchase food and library photocopying services on campus.

Points accounts are accessed through the TigerCard, the University's ID card for students, faculty, staff and affiliates. Previously, only some dining locations accepted all types of points. Under the new program, Paw Points will be accepted at all dining locations and the library photocopiers.

Along with the consolidation of the points programs, the University is exploring an expansion of the TigerCard's functionality through increasing the number and type of locations that accept Paw Points. Beginning this summer, the University will gather student input and assess the opportunity to increase purchasing convenience for TigerCard holders.

The conversion of Dining Points to Paw Points for students and faculty/staff will be implemented on separate schedules:

• Student Dining Points accounts will remain active through Saturday, May 26, for students who are not graduating and through Tuesday, June 5, for seniors and graduate students who are graduating. Beginning in the fall, students will have the opportunity to purchase Paw Points, which will carry over from year to year until graduation, unlike the current Student Dining Points. The changes for students are the result of a recommendation by the Task Force on Dining and Social Options in the Four-Year Colleges.

• Faculty/Staff Dining Points will be converted to Paw Points on Wednesday, Aug. 8. Faculty and staff can continue to deposit funds into their current Dining Points account until Sunday, July 1. After July 1, faculty and staff will make new deposits to their Paw Points account. Faculty and staff should be aware that the conversion on Aug. 8 will take the majority of the day to complete, and some accounts may not be available until the end of the day.

Students, faculty and staff who wish to make Paw Points deposits and view account transaction history can continue to do so online. Cardholders also can add value to their Paw Points account at the value transfer station located on the 100 level of the Frist Campus Center or at the TigerCard/Parking Office on the A floor of New South.

Paw Points will be accepted at all dining facilities on campus: the residential college dining halls; the Frist Gallery, Café Vivian and the C-Store, all located in the Frist Campus Center; the Woodrow Wilson and Chancellor Green Cafés; concession stands at Princeton Stadium and Jadwin Gymnasium; and the E-Quad and Genomics Cafés. Faculty and staff also may use Paw Points at Prospect House's Garden and Tap Rooms.

Those with questions may contact David Tierney, associate director of the TigerCard Office, at

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