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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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New website intended for prospective applicants

The Admission Office has launched a new website intended for prospective applicants, their families and guidance counselors.

"In building the site we addressed many of the key findings from the research we did last year," said Janet Rapelye, dean of admission. "We sought to engage high school students, guide them through the application process and dispel stereotypes about Princeton.

"The team that built the site developed pages to show prospective applicants (and their parents and guidance counselors) what distinguishes Princeton in its intellectual life and residential community," she said. "We also highlighted the unparalleled opportunities available to students and the creative environment on campus."

This approach included:

  • Integrating admission and financial aid information and emphasizing the strengths of the University's "no loan" financial aid program;
  • Prominently featuring faculty, student and recent alumni profiles;
  • Highlighting important aspects of the Princeton experience;
  • Dedicating pages to address the specific concerns of parents, guidance counselors, international applicants and home schooled students;
  • Linking extensively to relevant pages within the greater University website; and
  • Showcasing many new photos, which rotate automatically when one hits refresh.

The website project has been a collaborative effort involving the Admission Office, the Financial Aid Office, the Office of Information Technology (including key players from the New Media Center), the Office of Communications and mStoner, a web design company selected by the Admission Office to lead the project.

"The Admission Office also greatly appreciates the contributions of the faculty members, recent graduates and students whose profiles are featured on the site," Rapelye said.

She noted that plans for the future include adding more profiles and incorporating multimedia into the site.

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