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Friday, April 28, 2017

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Aspire: A Plan for Princeton

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Princeton launched a comprehensive fundraising campaign to expand its excellence in teaching and research, and to increase the University's impact on a changing world.

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James Madison:
I want "We, the people" to govern.

George Dallas:
Admit Texas to the union.

Woodrow Wilson:
Make the world safe for democracy.

F. Scott Fitzgerald:
I want to write the great American novel.

James Stewart: I want to live a wonderful life.

Pete Conrad:
Fly to the moon.





Improve healthcare for everybody in every country.

Help disadvantaged kids.

Understand other cultures and how those cultures are different from your own.

Find life beyond the solar system.

Understand how billions of neurons interact to create human thought.

Foster progress in the Middle East.

I want to fight for human rights.




Be artistic director of my own theater company.

Help empower people to develop their countries in Latin America.

I want to win a national championship for women's lightweight rowing.

Challenge myself to get better at everything that I do.


Teach for America.

Create organisms from scratch to give us new antibiotics.

Address the world's energy crisis.

Understand how the brain processes music.

I want to teach chemistry.

See the birth of the universe.


Explore continents and cultures and communicate with people.

Dance in a kickline.

Provide people with clean drinking water.

I want to do art.

Sustain a way of life for the Maasai people in Kenya. using her imagination.

I want another bonfire.


Make literature my life.

Tell the truth.

Find better treatments for neurological disorders.

To learn where I can make the biggest difference in the welfare of our country.



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