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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Student work: 'Intersession Tour 2011' by Princeton University Chapel Choir

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Student work: Princeton University Chapel Choir traveled to Prague, Vienna and Budapest for their 2011 intersession tour. Read more.

Video Closed Captions

Well we have a special treat for everyone on board this evening.

We can get a real live performance by some of our guests

joining us on this flight this evening. We'd like to

welcome aboard the Princeton Choir. And I believe they are

going to show us (laughter) Stand up Quinton! (singing)

Well we're about to go to rehearsal at the Bethlehem

Chapel. And it's really famous because, like, Jan Hus

preached there in Czech for the first time ever. Well, I

mean, the first time it wasn't in Latin. (singing)

With a choir from the United States and a choir from the

Czech Republic singing both American and Czech songs is

really at the heart of good diplomacy.

Behind us is the Stephansdom, or St. Stephen's Cathedral in

Vienna, which is where we performed last night which was

super exciting. It's one of the top sites in Vienna so.

And because of our concert we have now helped to raise some

money for restoration on the roof.

And we just got a standing ovation when we did our show at

the Stephansdom. Oh my gosh it was so amazing.

Coincidence had it that both the Choir and I were here in

the same week. I had a concert on Tuesday, two nights ago,

at the Theater an der Wien. The Chapel Choir provides me

with some of my best memories from Princeton.

This is St. Stephen's Basilica, the biggest Roman Catholic

Church in Budapest and we're about to perform an impromptu

concert. Enjoy!

It had such a strong impact on the choir that it was

important to do this as often as possible. Part of what

happens with a choir is because they're together for so

long they get to know each other better, they trust each

other more, and the sound of the choir changes. So when we

got back it was a fuller sound, it was a richer sound, and

people knew each other better. So it was a marvelous

experience altogether. Our Monday rehearsal after we got

back from the tour was pretty much chaos the whole time

because everyone was so excited to see each other again.

They'd been away from each other for, oh, 24 hours and

couldn't wait to see each other again. So that told me that

this tour had had a big impact on their relationships.

You can have recordings, you can photographs, you can have all

of these things but the experience of singing it is

ephemeral. It touches you, it leaves its mark, and then it

goes away. The actual experience goes away but still it has

touched you in a way that is indelible.

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