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Friday, April 21, 2017

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Class of 2011: 'Reflections on Princeton'

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Members of the class of 2011 reflect on their Princeton experience. Read more.

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You ready for me?

I’m Tim Feess

Victoria Tan

Sankalp Gosain

Leslie Chatelain

Mitch Adwon

Justin Cahill

Biniam Dawit

Demetrius Lewis

Megan Waters

Michael Chang

Matthew Douglas

Joey Cheek

Megan Leahy

Long Ellis

Lindsey Breuer

Mary Gamber

Caaminee Pandit

Hudson Andrews

Meliko Tawasa

Hi my name’s Carmen

Laura Martaindale

Oriana Poindexter

Dawn Zhao

Casey Boyles

Amanda Yamasaki

Madeleine Douglas

Jim Ressa

David Leyva

Ana Gonzalez

Rachel Sverdlove

Jacob Loewenstein

[overlapping names]

Hi, I’m Julia

I’m Jackie

Yasmin Belo-Osagie

[phone ringing]

Someone is calling me right now.

Is this on?

My favorite Princeton experience. That’s a really hard one.

It’s really hard to answer the question

of what’s my favorite experience.

My favorite Princeton moment was, winning the Ivy League

championships this year.

One of my favorite things at Princeton was the ‘Skate Nights.’

It was an event called Princeton Palooza where there was music,

and just like a lot of bands outside in the 1903 Courtyard. It

was Communiversity. It was a really wonderful day.

I guess my favorite Princeton experiences would be working with

Black Box Inc. and Hip Hop Art & Life.

Our favorite moment at Princeton… Was playing

on the squash team together.

Woo hoo! And house parties.

I would have to say, as bad as it sounds, my favorite experience

was writing my thesis.

My favorite Princeton moment was when I went to go turn in my

thesis. I was rushing from Firestone to 1879 and I ran into one

of my good friends giving a tour, and the entire tour cheered me

on as I made it the rest of the way to turn it in.

My favorite Princeton experience was freshman

seminar with Chris Eisgruber.

My favorite Princeton moment was meeting Sonya Sotomayor at the

Latinas at Princeton reception. It was a great experience and

she shared a lot of great Princeton memories.

My favorite Princeton moment was definitely getting the chance

to interview the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

When I was able to go abroad, for instance, to Beijing with

Princeton in Asia. And especially to Ghana with Engineers

Without Borders.

My favorite thing about Princeton was my opportunity to study

abroad in Cuba.

The best elements at Princeton: The faculty, the students, and

doing fun activities.

I think my favorite experience was like, getting to know all the

faculty in the Visual Arts program.

Last year, I had the honor of being the drum major of the

Princeton University band, so I got to lead the P-rade through

the Fitzrandolph gate leading the 25th reunion. And it was just

absolutely…just seeing all those orange and black jackets and

all those smiling faces and people who were so excited to see

us…absolutely was like, the best thing of my life and I can’t

wait to walk in the P-rade this year as a senior.

My favorite Princeton experience, definitely has to be every

year during reunions, the P-rade. Just seeing all the tradition,

all the orange, all the old alums, you know. Meeting alums that

are 100 years old and having them shake your hand, and just

having that experience together definitely gives you the sense

that Princeton is going to be part of your life forever.

Alright, but what are we going to say though?

I don’t know.

I am a chemistry major.

I’m a Woodrow Wilson School major.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



Operations Research and Financial Engineering







Woodrow Wilson School







Political Psychology

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Art History major, but I did the Visual Arts track



Molecular Biology

Art and Archeology

Philosophy major



Woodrow Wilson School





Molecular Biology

Computer Science

Chemisty major

Computer Science



Operations Research and Financial Engineering





Woodrow Wilson School



Woodrow Wilson School

Civil Engineer


Psych and a Spanish certificate

English and certificates in African American Studies and the

program in Teacher Preparation

Art and Archeology


East Asian Studies


Computer Science B.S.E.

The Econ Department



Woody Woo


Woody Woo


Woody Woo major





Molecular Biology


Woodrow Wilson School


History of Science

Civil Engineer

History major

Certificate in Material Science

Electrical Engineer

Certificate in Material Science and Engineering

Theater certificate

Ohh, so nervous!

I guess what helped me get through Princeton was probably a lot

of support from my friends and family.

The people who helped me get through Princeton are my closest

friends: People I eat with, people I study with, people I party

with. It really is an incredible group of intellectuals and good


All my good friends and roommates

My family and my friends here at Princeton

My roommates have been extraordinary. I was very lucky to be

placed with three amazing girls in my freshman quad and I’m

still living with them as a senior. And we’re all different

races and its been a real lesson in how to interact across

racial boundaries.

My parents, and my sister

My roommates, and my parents and my brother

My parents definitely. Um, God….don’t think I would’ve made it


My thesis advisor, my live advisor. I could not have done it

without him.

The Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey team and all my teammates and


Definitely the teammates on the Crew team and the other

Chemistry majors were a huge help.

Shirley Tilghman, she was an inspiration. And has taught me to

try and become as professional and inspirational as she is.

Definitely having a very very kind thesis advisor

I think, all my class experiences

The great professors at Princeton helped me to succeed, and I

hope that I’ll go on in the future and be an academic like them.

I think, my friends here helped me get through the Princeton

experience…as well as Frist, especially when it’s open 24 hours

which it should be all the time.

Frist Campus Center as an entity. It’s a good place to meet all

your friends.

What got me through Princeton? Uh, gallons of coffee

Definitely the 24 hour access to 185 the art building for the

Lewis Center

I think there is a lot of solidarity among students at


I guess my friends really got me through Princeton. Wouldn’t

have made it without ‘em.

My friends

My family and friends

My friends

Uh, friends

My friends pretty much got me by.

All of my friends

My friends

My friends

I couldn’t have done it without the friends that I made here.

I’m so grateful that I met them and I’m going to be friends with

them forever.


Four years are actually a really short time. Coming in as a

Freshman, I thought four years would be an eternity, but they’re


Do anything and everything you want to and don’t hold back.

Remember that four years just goes by so quickly, so enjoy every

moment, every day, even the hard days. It’s worth it. It’s such

a great place to be. We’re so blessed.

Today, you leave this privileged place as the beneficiaries of a

world class education.

One that I hope has prepared you well for whatever comes next,

including the unexpected.

So as you walk, skip, or run through the Fitzrandolph gates

today as educated citizens of this and many other nations, I

hope you will carry forward the spirit of Princeton and all it

has sought to teach you. Aim high and be bold!


It’s sad, it’s so sad.

But we know we’ll be friends past this so it’s ok.


Getting some good hard work, getting work done, and doing it for


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