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Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Video: 'Weapons of Mass Construction'

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Princeton student-athletes participate in a day of service in conjunction with the Princeton Varsity Club and Isles Inc. Read more.

Video Closed Captions


MARTY JOHNSON: It's only eight
miles between campus and here.

This is one of the wealthiest
counties in the country, and

this is one of the poorest urban
areas in the country.


particularly for student

athletes, their focus is so much
about their sports and

their academics over the year
that this represents probably

a unique opportunity that
otherwise might not fit into

their schedules, but is another
way of them stepping

outside of the Princeton bubble,
actually seeing some

of their theories and class
work in action.


LUKE TAYLOR: Obviously, one
afternoon is just a drop in

the bucket.

But I think the major impact
that an afternoon like this

does is raise awareness among
student athletes at Princeton

in terms of how we can interact
with the community,

and what changes we can
make on a large scale.


JIM SIMON: Volunteer groups
allow us to have a lot of

diverse projects going on at one
time and be able to kind

of fill the demand for they're
getting things done

when we need it.

In this site here we're putting
in raised beds so we

can have some space for
production, but we're also

going to put in a small
greenhouse so we could make

use of the off-season
for growing.

But can also have this as
a place where we can do

demonstrations, maybe composting
workshops, have a

small greenhouse, do other
sorts of functions, do

environmental education

So a lot of multi-use space here
for urban agriculture.


BRANDON GLYCK: It's always a
great experience when you can

bring together all the athletes
on campus to do

something community-oriented
like this.

You don't always get to stay
in touch with a lot of

different athletes
because everybody

has different seasons.

Something like this is just a
great opportunity to bring

everybody together.


BOB CALLAHAN: First off, real
credit to the Princeton

Varsity Club to set up this
relationship in the first

place because it makes it
extra special as it is a

Princeton alumnus--

someone who has left school, was
an athlete here, but when

they left school decided to stay
in public service in a

way, and donating their
time and efforts

to improve the community.

It's nice to be able to connect
different generations

of Princeton alumni.


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