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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Roommates at Princeton

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Freshman and senior roommates offer reflections and advice on the experience. Read more.

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SHREYA: I think now we are very much ourselves,

much more so than we were the first week when we were

really just trying to make sure we were all just friends.

KATHERINE: And it's so much better that way.
I mean, we have a lot more fun,

just thinking and

being who we are. And I think that's an
important lesson going into it. Really

I mean, it's so cliche right? Be yourself,
but it's still really

good to always just

from the start, I don’t know …. be YOU.

SHREYA: Yeah, exactly!

KEVIN: What's interesting, I think, about friends from
college rather than friends you may have had from high school

is, like, everyone that you meet here are people that

you've like kind of chosen to stick

with and still be friends with.
SHREYA: My 18th birthday was

pretty much like two weeks into the start
of the school year,

and I remember being afraid

in the summer that my 18th birthday was not
going to be special because nobody was going to know it

and I wasn't really going to have friends,
because it was

literally only two weeks into having met everyone.
But it was

the best birthday I ever had.
KATHERINE: Because your brother came to visit,

and we all surprised you
and we fixed you something. Oh, it was great!

SHREYA: Yeah, and there were so many people there
and I just felt so loved.

It was really remarkable

because I just didn't think that I would be able to
make friends so fast in any place like this.

KEVIN: There's a whole experience here,

like, when … In close quarters with such great people you
want to keep that wherever you end up.

And so I think because we've seen that
firsthand since the end of our freshman year

being brought into this

really tight circle. It’s just like, yeah —

I mean it's just sort of confirmed
everything we've been sort of feeling, I guess.

DAVID: You have this duty to maintain this sort of network,
this awesome network

of alumni and friends

and it would be a shame

to not stick with it after

building it over these four years.

SHREYA: I think there is always a natural, like,

anticipation and setting expectations, but …

I mean, it's difficult to know what they're going
to be like just from an introduction email, so ...

KATHERINE: Right, and in terms of liking you,

I guess I just had to think like, "I have

plenty of friends back home, so I don't know why people
here would be any different." SHREYA: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

KEVIN: You never know who you're going to be put with. Sometimes,
the mystical sheets that tell you

exactly who

you're going to be with,

sometimes they don't work.

And sometimes they work out
extremely well. But either way, a

lot of it is if you come into it with the right
mindset. That helps.

KATHERINE: When you've never had roommates before, and you've

never lived with your friends … I mean, you might not think

that your living habits are usual or …

SHREYA: Yeah, it's difficult to know what you're like
or what you want really when the only people you've lived with are family

and friends on a short-term basis.

KATHERINE: Right! Or who you get along with best when
you are living … So

it's like a natural apprehension to have,

to be uncertain of whether you'll get along with them.
But I think people should

take comfort in knowing that you will get along with them.

And even if you don't, it's not
the end of the world,

because if nothing else you

can make do with what you have and you'll find
friends in other places, but I think

I really haven't heard of
treacherous roommate situations at all at Princeton.

SHREYA: The best part is really just knowing that everyone is there, right there with you learning the same

things about themselves, about Princeton, about each other.

So that just makes it

that much easier to bond. KATHERINE: Yeah.


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