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Monday, April 24, 2017

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Featured video: 'Princeton Bonfire 2012'

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Princeton students, faculty, staff and alumni gather to celebrate the University's football victory over Harvard and Yale. Read more.

Video Closed Captions

I want to thank everyone who is part of Princeton

This is a great tradition.
And this year, this team gave us a game that

will go down in the history books.
For all of you who were foolish enough to

leave at halftime, you will never live it

It is one of the games for the ages.
So Princeton, enjoy this moment.

Again, thanks to these young men who made
it possible.

So let us join together in a locomotive for
our special honoree this evening: bonfire!

One Princeton Locomotive for Bonfire!
One Princeton Locomotive for Bonfire!

[Band plays]

...while we shall live, three cheers for old

[Hiss of fire hoses]

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