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Friday, April 21, 2017

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'ECCO lights up Princeton with music'

Jonathan Vinocour, a 2001 Princeton alumnus who is principal violist with the San Francisco Symphony, came back to campus with the East Coast Chamber Orchestra — known as ECCO — to perform with Princeton students. Read more.

Video Closed Captions

a conductor-less string

orchestra that's about--
we usually play

with about 18 people.

So a bunch of us started it
back when we were just in

school, or just out of school,
and looking to play pretty

much just for fun with a bunch
of our friends in a small

conductor-less orchestra.

Most of us were playing a lot
of chamber music and just

thought it would be
fun to read some

actual orchestra music.

When we just out listening,
it sounded so great.

KATE DREYFUSS: It was inspiring
to see Jonathan come

back to Princeton, as someone
who followed the same

academic, or similar academic
paths as many of the students,

and yet went on to become
a professional musician.

remember always looking

forward to coming to orchestra
rehearsals, because in

orchestra it always felt like
I could just relax and enjoy

the music making.

And especially doing it with
all these other people, and

knowing that there were all
these other people on campus

who wanted to be doing
the same thing.

performances just happening

all the time.

Princeton, I think in all areas,
but especially in the

music department, is just
bursting at the seams with


And it's a great place to get
involved in all sorts of extra

curricular activities.

KATE DREYFUSS: What was running
through my mind was, I

just could not believe that I
would sharing the stage with

such accomplished musicians
who are involved with

ensembles all across
the country.

And as I was watching them,
during the first half, I was

in awe of their energy.

And I felt that energy
the moment that

I stepped on stage.

NATHAN HALEY: Performing with
ECCO was absolutely amazing.

Their energy and their
focus is infectious.

And just everyone on
the stage felt it.

This warm and vibrant direction
towards the


And it was amazing to see
everyone just light up and

focus, and turn to the music.

And it really came
alive for me.



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