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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Student Work: Women's Rugby Football Club

Members of the Princeton University Women's Rugby Football Club reflect on what the sport and being a part of the team means to them. Read more.

Video Closed Captions

KC FARRELL: I think that Rugby
means healthy aggression.

University women's rugby

football club was
founded in 1979.

We won the national

championships in the '90s twice.

And we've got to the final four
several times since then.

And last year was actually the
first time in a long time that

we went to round of 16.

rugby makes me feel strong and

makes me feel powerful.

Nothing makes you feel as strong
as pushing an opposing

scrum or putting somehow down
and getting in a good tackle.

And feeling that kind of
powerful and that in control

is really amazing.

LAUREN RHODE: Rugby has opened
up more doors for me than

probably anything else I've
ever done, which a lot of

people would be surprised
to hear.

But from the scholarship I'm
currently on at Princeton to

the friends that I've made
playing, rugby has made all of

that possible.

it's gotta be the people.

I've made all my best
friends on the team.

They're so much fun.

And it's kind of a
characteristic of

the sport in general.

We got to travel for
various tours.

And rugby is really
its own world.

this thing called Fortress

West Windsor which
is our field.

And our whole goal is to defend
Fortress West Windsor

and represent our fortress
and represent our team

as the best we can.

And so having that kind of
dedication to the team,

dedication to the sport, and
dedication to each other is

kind of something that
makes Princeton

rugby really special.

It makes it a real family.

rugby gives me something fun

to do every single
Saturday morning.

OLIVIA GARARD: I'd come from a
varsity sport here and this

kind of community was
what I wanted

playing a sport in college.

And to be able to find it in a
new sport and to be able to

learn that has been absolutely

The team--

you can hear them--
they're awesome.

KC FARRELL: It's by far the most
strategic game that I've

ever played.

And I love looking at a field
and having about 200 options

to choose from and picking
the one that

best fits the situation.

OLIVIA GARARD: Being a tiger
means playing rugby and

playing rugby means
being a tiger.

ALL: Tigers, win.


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