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Monday, April 24, 2017

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'Outside the classroom: Mary Adeogun's fashion design'

Senior Mary Adeogun is a molecular biology major who has a passion for clothing design outside of her academic studies. This video shows Adeogun at Princeton's Prospect House holding a fashion photo shoot for her portfolio. Most of the models and crew who helped with the shoot are also Princeton undergraduates from various academic departments.

Video Closed Captions

MARY ADEOGUN: Fashion is a
wonderful form of multimedia


You start from the paper and
then you draft it and use a

dress form to see what
it will look like.

And then the final outcome
is on a human.

I think it's a wonderful way
to see your artistic work

translate from paper to body.

It's almost like a sculpture.

This photo shoot was a great way
to add some substance too

my portfolio.

And I'm putting it on my website
so that people can see

the kind of work I've done
and see my aesthetic.

I thought Prospect House was
a beautiful location.

It mirrored exactly
what I wanted

to show in my clothing--

elegance, distinction,
history, culture.

And those are things that
are important to me

and my design aesthetic.

So I'm West African.

I'm Nigerian.

I was raised in a French
Nigerian community, so I'm

very aware of my culture and I
love to incorporate a lot of

the fabrics that are important
in my culture in my design

aesthetic, because I think
everybody would look beautiful

in these kinds of fabrics.

And I don't use all of these
fabrics all of the time, but I

think it's a great way to add
a little bit of modernity to

me and distinction
in my pieces.

Things like little
black dresses--

I love those.

But I like to put my twist on
it by using the fabrics that

are very unique and distinct.

So the reason it's different is
because I'll use some batik

prints, some West African
cultural prints, and throw

that into what would be an
ideal little black dress.

And so that's something you
don't usually see often.

So this is one of my
favorite looks.

Here we have a jacket that's
made with black twill and the

batik print.

It's a wax batik print, and it's
lined with some leather.

And there's also leather
on the side here.

As you can see, we
have some leather

detailing on the sleeve.

And then, the skirt is
completely made out of a

leather upholstery fabric
that I found.

It was a wonderful deal.

And this is a skater skirt--

so a classic staple skirt that
looks great with this kind of

waterfall jacket.

Well, after graduation, I
definitely want to expand in

the fashion sense.

I'm working on building my
credibility as a designer and

also as the tailor.

I want to make sure my
skills are up to par.

And also, I'm going
to supplement it

with business work.

I'm going to go to Chicago and
do a consulting job so that I

can gain more business knowledge
and hopefully apply

it in the long term future
to my fashion goals.

I think it's important that you
tap into the people that

you have here at Princeton.

A lot of the times, you don't
really know what people are

capable of, because we just
see them in classes.

We have a lot of creative people
on campus, people that

can really help and inspire
me in other areas

besides just academics.

And I think the school really
supports you going out and

being passionate about what
you're interested in.

And they make it easy to do that
kind of thing on campus.

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