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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Fall brings spectacular beauty to the Princeton University campus each year, and that beauty is captured in the "Good Morning, Princeton" video. Above, leaves frame the University Chapel.

Video stills courtesy of Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications

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Video feature: 'Good Morning, Princeton'

On Princeton University's campus each fall, the leaves take on bold new personalities. Orange and red replace green, and the birds create their own space in the canvas of the sky. The gold found in the richness of the sunrise over Lake Carnegie each morning is breathtaking.

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Play the "Good Morning, Princeton" video.

This video brings these scenes to those who have witnessed quiet fall mornings, as well as those who may not yet be awake, those wide awake but occupied with studying for an exam or researching a paper, and those too far from the University to take in its beauty. Watch and be inspired.

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