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Monday, Nov. 30, 2015

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Student work: 'Great Expectations'

Take a look behind the scenes as the student cast prepares for a Princeton production of "Great Expectations," Charles Dickens' beloved coming-of-age epic. Directed by Tim Vasen, director of the Program in Theater, the play will feature senior Peter Giovine as Pip with senior Emma Boettcher serving as dramaturg. The production will be performed at 8 p.m. Feb. 14-15 and 20-22 Matthews '53 Acting Studio. Tickets are available through University Ticketing.

Video Closed Captions

Great Expectations -- Video Trailer Transcript

PETER GIOVINE: Hi. I am Peter, and I am a
senior and English major, and Great Expectations

is my senior thesis.

KANOA MULLING: I'm playing the
characters of Joe, who's a blacksmith, lower

London. And it's really fun playing two completely
different characters, being lovable and detestable,

going left and right.

EVELYN GIOVINE: I'm playing Miss Havisham,
and in preparation for the play, I read the

novel Great Expectations. And there was this
really cool quote that informed my character,

and the quote was "dropped within, without,
body and soul as if under a crushing blow."

CAROLINE SLUTSKY: We see a younger version
of Estella in the Bartlett version; she's

Pip's love interest in the play and she, um,
lacks feelings and she's kind of a cold person.

JOHN FAIRCHILD: Hello, I'm John, and one of
the characters I play in Great Expectations

is Mr. Wopsle, who is a churchman/wannabe
actor. And in one scene, I have to burp, but

I don't know how to burp, so we do a little
something like this. [Jake Tempchin burps.]


PETER: It's all as if we're seeing things
through Pip's perspective, and it's not really

what's actually happening, right; it's like
an artistic perspective, um, that makes the

world more beautiful and more magical.

CAMERON PLATT: Unexpected.

CAROLINE: Orchestral.

EVELYN: Haunting.

KANOA: Smashing.

PETER: Great.

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