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Saturday, April 22, 2017

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'Princeton-Fung Global Forum in Paris'

University leaders and policymakers from around the world will meet at the Princeton-Fung Global Forum next month to discuss "The Future of Higher Education." The conference will be held from April 9-11 in Paris. In this video, Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber and colleagues Cecilia Rouse, dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, and Gideon Rosen, chair of the Council of the Humanities, preview some of the issues that will be discussed. Read more.

Video Closed Captions


Higher education

today is probably more important
than it has been at any time

in the past.

But at the same
time, universities

are facing a wide
range of challenges

and having to satisfy diverse
group of constituencies.

What is online
education going to mean

for colleges and universities?

How are colleges
and universities

going to deal with budget
pressures around the world?

And these issues are
arising at a time

when universities
are simultaneously

facing different
pressures but interacting

around the world more than
they ever have before.


GIDEON ROSEN: One of the
great opportunities presented

by the forum is not
so much to assess

the state of online courses
and higher education,

but to get a clearer view
of what sorts of questions

we want to ask.

The most interesting thing
about the online revolution

in education-- if that's
what it's going to be--

is that we don't know
what kind of threat

or what kind of
opportunity it presents.

certainly help increase access.

That we understand.

Can we maintain quality
at the same time,

I think is an open question.

And I think whether
it really helps

to slow the increases in cost,
is an open question as well.

I think Princeton
can certainly play

a very important role
in that endeavor.

now possible for us

to see not only how we teach,
but how our colleagues teach.

And how our colleagues in other
very different universities

in the United States teach, how
our colleagues around the world


And for them to see
how we do what we do.

CECILIA ROUSE: This issue of
how do we maintain and possibly

improve access while
maintaining and improving

quality and keeping
it affordable

is the challenge for higher
education of our time.

The commitment to higher
education-- the fact that

when an individual attends a
post-secondary institution--

not only is the benefit
to that individual,

but all of us in society
benefit from having

more highly educated
individuals and workers.

And therefore, we need
to also be subsidizing

and to help our students go
through those institutions.

very grateful to William Fung

for enabling Princeton to host
the Fung Global Forum this year

and annually.

Each year, the forum
addresses an issue

of major significance-- not
only to academics, but also

to policy makers in the world.

I think this year's
event in Paris

will be a terrific
opportunity to bring together

a wide variety of people on an
issue of critical importance.


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