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Friday, Jan. 30, 2015


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'Social Psychology' course helps students tackle questions from nonprofits

Students in the course "Social Psychology" called on concepts from the course about the way people think about, feel and behave in social situations to tackle questions from a range of New Jersey nonprofit groups.

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Video feature: 'Princeton Profiles: Colby Hyland, dancer and scientist'

Princeton University junior Colby Hyland fell in love with dance when he was 8 years old. Now, 12 years later, the Massachusetts native is majoring in molecular biology and pursuing a certificate in dance.

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A violin 'speaks,' a blow dryer 'plays' — it's all actor-musicianship

In the class "Development of the Multi-Skilled Performer," taught by John Doyle, a renowned theater director and a visiting lecturer with the rank of professor in theater at Princeton's Lewis Center for the Arts, 13 Princeton undergraduates are learning about actor-musicianship, a genre of theater in which there is no orchestra: actors play their own instruments, sing or use their voice as a musical instrument and use "found sound" with common objects.

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Rouse charts uneven progress toward King's goal of economic justice

At Princeton University's annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration Jan. 19, Cecilia Rouse, dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, looked back at King's call for economic justice for all and assessed the nation's uneven progress toward that goal.

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What I think: Princeton Professor Imani Perry

Imani Perry, a professor of African American studies at Princeton, first appeared in print at age 3 in the Birmingham (Alabama) News in a photo of her and her parents at a protest against police brutality. She has published widely on topics ranging from racial inequality to hip-hop and is active across various media. She earned a Ph.D. from Harvard, a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a bachelor's degree from Yale. This fall, she is teaching "Model Memoirs: The Life Stories of International Fashion Models" and "Diversity in Black America." These musings are drawn from two interviews with Perry.

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Student documentaries tell stories of Trenton, its people and their jobs

Princeton undergraduates are telling stories of Trenton, New Jersey, its people and the ways they make a living this semester through short documentaries as part of the course "Documentary Film and the City."

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Video feature: Human brain keeps memories tidy by pruning inaccurate ones

Your brain is a memory powerhouse, constantly recording experiences in long-term memory. But what happens when those memories are suddenly out of date? Research from Princeton University and the University of Texas-Austin offers the answer.

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Resilient shores: After Sandy, climate scientists and architects explore how to co-exist with rising tides

After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a team of Princeton architects and climate scientists is exploring a new vision, with an emphasis on living with rising waters. The researchers aim for no less than a reinvention of flood hazard planning for the East Coast.

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Video feature: 'The Seasons at Princeton'

"The Seasons at Princeton" is a collection of photos showing the Princeton University campus at various points throughout the year. Each photo represents a particular season and moment at the University.

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Decoding alchemy: Freshman seminar offers recipe for new perspectives

In the freshman seminar "Alchemy, Art and Science," students take the often-misunderstood topic as a starting point to explore issues central to the history of science and medicine.

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